Present Activities of AINSW

Currently AINSW is focusing on the following activities:
  • Conduct periodic meetings to get the concerns of the community from the ground.
    Help strategizing sex workers’ engagement in HIV intervention programs both at policy as well as program level activities.
  • Support collectivization of sex workers in different parts of the country with an objective to build their solidarity and confidence in order to negotiate effectively from police to policy makers. They are also actively involved in countering the ubiquitous ‘criminal negligence’ of service providers to clients of sex workers.
  • Advocate for policies to promote basic rights of sex worker and to take action what could protect human rights of sex workers and to address issues of stigma and discrimination.
  • Advocacy with different policy makers for decriminalization of sex workers.
  • Establish mechanisms to ensure that people are not forced or trafficked into offering sexual services.
  • Activities pertaining to ending violence against sex workers.
  • Advocate and ensure rights-based community-led HIV programs