Building a community

With frequent meetings, we aim to get the concerns of the community from the ground and unite all for a common cause

Awareness programmes

We motivate the sex workers to engage in HIV intervention programs both at the policy and program level activity.

Upholding sex workers

With regular meetings and advocacy with various policymakers, we aim to work for decriminalization of sex workers.

Protecting the community

We aim to protect the community by equating mechanisms to prevent being forced or trafficked into offering sexual services.

Protecting sex workers

With frequent activities, dedicated to bringing an end to violence against sex workers, we aim to protect their right to quality living.

Programmes to educate

We aim to advocate and ensure rights-based community-led HIV awareness programs.

To unite and strengthen

We support the civilization of sex workers in various parts of the country with the goal of building their unanimity and confidence to negotiate from the police to the policymakers. To participate actively in countering the pervasive ‘criminal negligence’ of service providers to the clients of the sex workers.

Promote the rights of sex workers

To support policies that would promote the basic rights of the sex workers and take significant steps to protect their human rights. The support is also extended to fight and address concerns related to the social discrimination and prevailing stigma against them.

Support organisations

Since 2011, AINSW has been receiving extended support by the UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund to set up an office in Delhi and conduct programs benefiting the life of the sex workers and protecting their rights.

Sex workers are discriminated, unaccepted and are debarred from society. With a vision to bring in change and social acceptance, a group of sex workers organization and sex work support organization collaborated to commit to a strong cause under the name – National Network of Sex workers (NNSW). The principal ambition of this network was to echo the voice of the sex workers and to be loud enough to be heard by the people of the society. Over the years NNSW conducted numerous campaigns and movements to raise their concerns both at State and Regional levels. The organization earned its formal registration as the All India Network of Sex workers (AINSW).

News & Events

Final Report on National Consultation on Protecting Rights and Dignity of Sex Workers
State Level Workshop of AINSW
Opinion expressed by the Chairperson of NCW

All India Network of Sex Workers (AINSW)

Under the name of National Network of Sex workers (NNSW), a group of sex workers organization and sex support organization collaborated together to commit to the cause of gaining social acceptance. The objective of the organization was to be heard and raise issues both at State and Regional levels. The organization gets registered formally as the All India Network of Sex workers (AINSW).

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